pearl grey hand-dyed cotton apron. block print of leaf motif                                                                                               $50

Beach Ladder  lino block print on cotton T-shirt                                                  $35

Hecho a Mano   lino block print on cotton T-shirt                $35

Orchard Man   lino block print on cotton T-shirt                   $35

Palm Beach    lino block print on cotton T-shirt                                              $35

Bamboo   wood block print on cotton T-shirt                    $35

Day of the Dead   block print on hand-sewn cotton kitchen towel       $45 ea.

                                                                                                 20" x 20"

Holiday Leaf    block print on white cotton napkin/kitchen towel

   20" x 20"            $35 ea.

Leaf Motif      hand-sewn large cotton cloth  - block print                                                                                                                                              44" x 50"            $300                                            

Agave   hand-sewn wall-hanging lino-cut print on natural color cotton  cloth    24'' x 24"                $200